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        Call Us: +86-0311-83503878 E-mail: info@www.c-pce.com HAN HAO FERTILIZER

        About US

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        About US

        Hanhao Fertilizer Co. Ltd is a Professional Manufacturing Company of fertilizer in China since more than a decade ago. The company was established in June 2000 and started formally producing fertilizers in May 2001. Our factory is located in Han Jia Wa Industry Park near the airport road, with a distance of 20 km to Shijiazhuang City, and also close to Tianjin seaport.


        Hanhao factory covers an area of more than 70000 square meter. We own three advanced technique production line of NPK, urea , amongst other fertilizers.  We also own one set of BB Automatic Production Line,Multi function Test Llab and our production capacity is approximately 600000 Tons  Per Annum. With a total investment in the company of 0.15 billion RMB, we mainly produce and offer NPK Fertilizer, BB fertilizer, Urea, DAP, SOP, to name a few. Through advanced equipment, strict testing and management, our company products are all according to the GB15063-2001 Quality standard. We got fertilizer registration certificate issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.C; Office of the national industrial products production license and Hebei Province Department of Agriculture.


        We cooperate with domestic Colleges and Universities, carry out research together do Scientific soil testing as well as Formula Production. Besides our standard products we also custom produce certain Fertilizers. Our company, through integration of research, produce, marketing and after service, we came up with the brand name “Hanhao”Fertilizer which is widely used for wheat,corn,cotton vegetable plants fruits and many more.


        For better development of  foreign market, we establish wholly owned subsidiary: Hanhao International Trading Co.Ltd to focuses on International customers and currently our products are exported to Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Mauritius, Jordan, Tanzania, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, amongst others,  as  well as other regions.


        Key words know Hanhao

        Production Capacity: 1500-2000Tons/Day

        Quality Certificate: ISO9001,

        Professional Line : Gunite Process: Rock Phosphate& Sulphuric Acid, which inter reacts to become a fluid, add liquid ammonia to spray ,cooling to granular and drying to finish products

        Number of Workers: 380 workers

        Closest Shipping Port:Tianjin 

        Closest Airport: Shijiazhuang(only domestic); Beijing , Tianjin

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